Coconut oil project
Coconut oil project
Coconut oil project
Coconut oil project
Coconut oil project
Coconut oil project
Coconut oil project
Coconut oil project

Coconut oil project

The production capacity of coconut oil project: 5tpd -- 1000tpd. Raw material: coconut oil.

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Coconut oil engineering, coconut oil or coconut oil is the edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconut harvested from coconut trees. Dried coconut is the main commercial product of coconut. It is mainly used to extract oil, and the oil content is usually 50% to 60%. In order to extract oil from coconut, an effective system is achieved by using an automatic oil press.


The process of coconut oil project is as follows:

Coconut oil → cleaning → drying → crushing → softening → preloading → twice pressing → filtering → crude oil tank → refining section → refining coconut oil

1.coconut drying transportation: raw materials are block, which is not suitable for elevator transportation.

2.crushing: the coconut is a large piece of dried coconut meat, which can be 180mm x 100mm x 6mm in size.

3.peeling: coconut is a material with high oil content. If the rolling distance is too small, it is easy to accumulate oil.

4.steam cooking: due to the continuous mixing of steam cooking machine, oil can easily flow out of coconut dry and drop along the main axis, resulting in waste and workshop environmental pollution.

5.pre pressing: press the cake to keep 16% - 18% oil in the cake. The cake will enter the extraction process.

6. press twice: press the filter cake until the residual oil is about 5%.

7.filtration: filter the oil more clearly and pump it to the crude oil tank.

8. refining section: degumming, neutralization, bleaching, deodorization, to improve FFA and oil quality and prolong storage time.

Advantages of coconut oil project:

1. High yield and obvious economic benefit.

2. The rate of residual oil in dry powder is low.

3. Improve the quality of cooking oil.

4. Low processing cost and high labor productivity.

5. High automation and labor saving.

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