Mustard seed oil project
Mustard seed oil project
Mustard seed oil project
Mustard seed oil project
Mustard seed oil project
Mustard seed oil project
Mustard seed oil project
Mustard seed oil project

Mustard seed oil project

Production capacity of mustard seed oil project: 10-500td, raw material: mustard seed.

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Mustard seed oil project is mainly used in refining oil process of large oil factory, with high refining rate and continuous process, which can refine different grades of oil. Mustard oil is extracted from mustard seed. There are usually two kinds of products through different refining methods: one is the direct extraction of pressed vegetable oil from seed; the other is the volatile mustard essential oil, which is obtained by grinding seeds, mixing with water, and then distilling, extracting and volatilizing.


The technology of mustard seed oil project is as follows:

Mustard seed → soaking → crushing → acid adjusting → hydrolysis → distillation → separation → mustard essential oil → blending → filling → labeling → finished product

1. Raw materials: mustard seeds with plump grain, large grain and dark yellow color are selected as raw materials.

2. Soaking: weigh the mustard seed, add 6-8 times of 37 ℃ warm water and soak for 25-35h.

3. Crushing: the soaked mustard seeds are grinded in the grinder, and the finer the mustard is, the better the mustard paste is.

4. Adjust acid: adjust the pH of mustard paste to about 6 with white vinegar.

5. Hydrolysis: put the mustard paste with adjusted pH into the hydrolysis container, put it in the constant temperature water bath, and hydrolyze at about 80 ℃ for 2-2.5h.

6. Distillation: put the hydrolyzed mustard paste into the distillation unit, and steam out the pungent substances by steam distillation.

7. Separation: the distillate after distillation is a mixture of oil and water, which is separated by an oil-water separator to obtain mustard essential oil.

8. Preparation: mix mustard essential oil and vegetable oil according to the formula proportion, and stir evenly, that is mustard oil.

9. Filling: the mustard oil is filled into a glass bottle which has been cleaned, disinfected and dried in advance, labeled and sealed to be the finished product.

Advantages of mustard seed oil engineering:

1. high oil production and obvious economic benefits.

2. The rate of residual oil in dry powder is low.

3. Improve the quality of cooking oil.

4. Low processing cost and high labor productivity.

5. High automation and labor saving.

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