Palm kernel project
Palm kernel project
Palm kernel project
Palm kernel project
Palm kernel project
Palm kernel project
Palm kernel project
Palm kernel project

Palm kernel project

The production capacity of palm kernel project: daily processing 70-100t / h, residual oil rate of dry cake 8-13%, raw material: palm kernel.

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Palm kernel engineering, palm kernel oil contains a lot of low-grade fatty acids, so its properties are very different from palm oil, but very similar to coconut oil.

Palm kernel project

The production technology of palm kernel project is as follows:

Palm kernel and fiber mixture → fiber and kernel separation → kernel shell separation → crushing → steaming and frying → pressing → filtering → palm kernel oil

1. Separation of fiber and kernel

If the raw material of palm kernel oil production is the mixture of palm kernel and fiber obtained from palm fruit pressing, then before palm kernel pressing, the mixture should be treated with fiber and kernel separation equipment to separate the fiber and palm kernel, so that the palm kernel oil pressing process can be carried out smoothly, the pressing efficiency can be improved, and the influence of fiber blockage on the pressing process can be avoided.

2. Separation of kernel and shell

The palm kernel obtained by fiber separation also needs to be transported into the kernel shell separation system to separate the palm kernel from the shell, so that it is easier to extract palm kernel oil from the palm kernel under medium pressure, and at the same time, it can avoid the abrasion of palm kernel shell on the palm kernel oil pressing equipment, so as to prolong the service life of the equipment. If the raw material of palm kernel oil is palm kernel without shell, it can be crushed directly.

3. Broken

The purpose of crushing is to divide the palm kernel into small pieces and increase the surface area of palm kernel, which can improve the pressing 

efficiency of palm kernel oil and extract more palm kernel oil. The equipment used in crushing process is crusher.

4. Steaming and frying

Steaming and frying is used to adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of palm kernel, so as to make it in good condition before pressing. Drum frying pan is the equipment used in steaming and frying.

5. Press

Pressing is an important step in the production of palm kernel oil, which extracts palm kernel oil from palm kernel by mechanical extrusion. Due to the high hardness of palm kernel, there are some differences between palm kernel oil press and common oil press in structure design and equipment material.

6. Filtration

The pressed palm kernel oil should be filtered by a plate and frame filter first, which can get clearer palm kernel oil and better oil quality.

Advantages of palm kernel project:

1. High yield and obvious economic benefit.

2. The rate of residual oil in dry powder is low.

3. Improve the quality of cooking oil.

4. Low processing cost and high labor productivity.

5. High automation and labor saving.

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