Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project
Rice bran oil project

Rice bran oil project

Production capacity of rice oil project: 10 ~ 500td, raw materials: rice, rice bran, main equipment: magnetic separator, oil press, oil softener, dryer, cooler, filter, etc.

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Rice oil engineering includes pretreatment, extraction and refining process to obtain edible oil. Rice is a byproduct of rice milling. Because of the different varieties and the amount of inclusions in rice, the oil content is also different, usually 12% - 20%.


The production technology of rice oil project is as follows:

1.Pretreatment process: mainly including rice bran separation process, softening process and rice bran expansion process.

Rice bran → magnetic separation, powder product separation → softening and conditioning → rice bran expansion → drying and cooling → extraction process.

2.Extraction process: mainly including extraction system, evaporation system and cooling system.

Solvent recovery

↓          ↓

Rice bran → pressed oil → mixed oil processing → crude oil

Recovery solvent ← wet powder evaporation → coarse powder

3.Refining process: including continuous dephosphorization and degumming process, physical deacidification and deodorization process, continuous dehydration process, decolorization and filtration process, crystallization and crystal growth process, dewaxing process and electrical control system.

Rice bran crude oil → phosphoric acid degumming → washing and drying → dewaxing → decolorization → physical deacidification and deodorization → degreasing → refined oil

Advantages of rice oil project:

1. High oil production and obvious economic benefits.

2. The rate of residual oil in dry powder is low.

3. Improve the quality of cooking oil.

4. Low processing cost and high labor productivity.

5. High automation and labor saving.

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