Subcritical extraction

Release time: 2021-04-27

Subcritical extraction is to use subcritical fluid as solvent, in a closed, oxygen-free, low-pressure pressure vessel, according to the principle of similar solubility of organic matter, through the molecular diffusion process of extraction material and extractant in the soaking process, to achieve the transfer of fat soluble components in solid material to liquid extractant, and then separate extractant and target product through the process of vacuum evaporation An extraction technique for obtaining the target product.


The advantages of subcritical extraction are as follows

1. The extracted oil is clear and fragrant;

2. No residual solvent, no pollution, good safety and high quality oil;

3. Large capacity and large-scale industrial production;

4. Energy saving and operation cost are much lower than supercritical extraction;

5. Low pollution and recycling of extraction solvent.

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