"A drop of fragrance" was detected in edible oil! What is the harm of excessive consumption?

Release time: 2021-04-27

Illegal addition of ethyl maltol to sesame oil

Eating cereals and cereals, feeling all kinds of life, rice, noodles, cereals and oils are essential for every meal, edible oil and our life are inseparable.

Sesame oil is a kind of edible oil, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can promote cholesterol metabolism and soften blood vessels.

In order to pursue better flavor and higher sales volume, some unscrupulous vendors will choose to take risks and illegally add goods under the dual pull of market competitiveness and cost.

Recently, the official website of Anhui provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau issued a notice on the disqualification of three batches of food. The sesame oil and ethyl maltol sold in three supermarkets in Hefei did not meet the national food safety standards.


What is ethyl maltol?

Ethyl maltol is a flavoring improver and flavoring agent. It is a good aroma synergist for tobacco, food, beverage, flavor, fruit wine and daily cosmetics. It has a significant effect on improving and enhancing the flavor of food, sweetening food, and prolonging the storage period of food.

What is the harm of excessive intake of ethyl maltol?

According to the national food safety standard for the use of food additives (gb2760-2014), ethyl maltol should not be used in edible blend oil.

Ethyl maltol is also the main flavoring ingredient of the controversial "yidixiang". Excessive consumption of ethyl maltol will affect the liver and may cause headache, nausea and vomiting.

Taking advantage of the low price of ethyl maltol, some unscrupulous businesses adulterate edible vegetable oil with flavoring and toning, and pass off inferior oil as high-grade oil. What's more, use cheap salad oil to add pigment and essence to sesame oil.

In this way, the fragrant sesame oil can not only increase sales, but also sell at a high price.

However, it should be noted that ethyl maltol is actually a legal additive. The reason why it is forbidden to be added in edible oil is to prevent manufacturers from shoddy. It is allowed to be added in meat products and other products, but it is not allowed to be added to fresh dishes.

After a number of pathological and toxicological experiments, according to the comprehensive evaluation of the experimental results, ethyl maltol was not found to be abnormal in animals and human body, but now it is limited to use from the perspective of safety.

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