Characteristics of different edible oils

Release time: 2021-04-27

1. soybean oil gb/t1535-2017 contains palmitic acid 8.0335413.5%, stearic acid 2.033545.4%, lactate 17.0335430.0%, linoleic acid 48 teeth, soybean oil fatty acid composition is better.

Soybean oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, which is very beneficial to human health and has high nutritional value. The FDA also approved the health proposition that soy oil is good for heart health.

2. peanut oil gb/t1534-2017 is bright and bright in color, and it has good taste. It contains 35.0-69.0% of unsaturated fatty acid lactate, 13.0-43.0% linoleic acid, 0.7335444 arachiic acid, 8.0335414.0, 1.0-4 refined rapeseed oil, which is light yellow and has no smell.

From the nutritional value, the digestibility and absorption rate of vegetable seed oil can be reached 99% and the gall power function is favorable. When the liver is in pathological state, rapeseed can also be metabolized by human body. But rape seed oil contains a lot of mustard oil and mustard oil, which is generally considered that the tooth material is not good for human growth and development, so it is necessary to promote the low mustard rapeseed oil.

3. cottonseed oil GB / t1537-2020 refined cottonseed oil is generally orange or brown, palmitic acid is 21.6-24.8%, stearic acid 1.9-2.4%, arachiic acid 0-0.1%, lactate 18.0-tooth sunflower seed oil gb/t10464-2017 sunflower seed oil is clear and beautiful light yellow or blue yellow, fragrant and pure taste. The composition of fatty acids in sunflower seed oil is different from that of climate. The content of lactate was 14.0335439.4%, linoleic acid 48. - 74.0%.

In addition, the content of a-tocopherol with strong physiological activity in sunflower seed oil was higher than that of the general vegetable oil.

4. Palm oil gb/t15680-2009 palm oil is widely used in cooking and food manufacturing in Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa and other regions. It is used as cooking oil, butter and margarine.

Like other edible oils, palm oil is easy to digest, absorb and promote health. Palm oil is a good material for food. From the composition of palm oil, the content of palmitic acid 39.3-47.5%, oleic acid 36.0-44.0% of high saturated fatty acids can effectively refuse oxidation and also suitable for hot climate. Because of the characteristics of several eggplant of palm oil in pastry bakery, it is deeply loved by food manufacturing industry).

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