How to do with oil in the cake of screw press?

Release time: 2021-04-27

How to deal with the cake with oil from the screw press? Many customers of Open House find that there is a lot of oil in bread when they use the screw press. The amount of oil is large or small. Some just bought the screw press appeared this situation, some are temporarily used screw press appeared this situation. Today, we Henan COSCO come to discuss this matter with you and tell you the solution.


First of all, the newly purchased oil press equipment, screw press, has oil in the cake. After the screw press is assembled by the manufacturer, the rapeseed cake repeated grinding machine is generally used in rough grinding. In order to reuse, the rapeseed cake will produce a lot of fine oil residue in use, which will adhere to the high-quality oil line.

On the other hand, the oil pipe of the screw press is small, which is to restrain the amount of slag and improve the pressure of the fryer. Especially for the oil pipe in the high-pressure section near the bread mouth, due to the minimum clearance, slag is easy to penetrate into the oil pipe, which is very solid. Therefore, when the new screw press is used to press oil, part of the oil in the high-pressure section cannot flow immediately due to the blockage of the oil wire, and can only flow together with the oil cake.

The solution is very simple. The normal way is to disassemble and reassemble the oil press, but it's very troublesome. Beginners can't do it well, so they use the local method. When you press oil. Strike the gold hoop of the high pressure section evenly with a hammer to make the silt vibrate. In the case that the spiral oil press, which has been used for a period of time, produces cake with oil, due to insufficient frying, there is too much residue on the crude oil surface and the oil silk is blocked. The same method can be used to solve the problem.

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