Solvent extraction process

Release time: 2021-04-27

Oil press equipment process - solvent extraction process:

Oil cake → solvent extraction → mixed oil → evaporation → evaporation → stripping → crude oil

The raw material is conveyed to the extraction hopper through the feed scraper, and then enters the extractor through a screw conveyor. After solvent spraying, after soaking and drying, the fresh solvent is re sprayed and washed again (the opposite direction is between the solvent and the raw material). Finally, the final discharged extract powder falls into the wet powder scraper conveyor and then is transported to the DTDC desolvent through the screw conveyor. Enter the dining room through the screw pusher and scraper; After the impurities are removed by the cyclone separator, the mixed oil is strongly stirred and precipitated in the mixing oil tank to remove the impurities again, and then the first evaporator (DTDC) is started.

1. Solvent pump: continuously spray solvent into rotocel extractor.

2. Rotocel extractor: spray and soak the pre pressed filter cake in the solvent so that the oil can be dissolved in the solvent (to form other mixtures). After processing, you can get wet meal and oil miscellaneous (mixed oil).

3. DTDC: used to separate solvent from wet powder.

4. Glove box 1: pump the sundries (oil containing solvent) into glove box 1, and then add 10% salt water to it. The phospholipids and impurities in the mixed gum will react with brine, and finally the reactants will precipitate to achieve the purpose of purification.

5. The second glove box: pump the purified debris into it.

6. Miscellaneous stripping: it will remove the remaining solvent from the miscellaneous. And the solvent will be discharged into the condenser for recycling.

7. Condenser: used to cool the solvent gas separated from wet powder and miscellaneous materials for recovery.

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