The oil production process is introduced

Release time: 2021-04-27

Oil pretreatment is an important process in oil engineering. The aim is to improve the shape of the oil so that it can be produced quickly and efficiently by mechanical pressing or leaching. It usually includes a series of processes: drying, color selection, crushing, softening, peeling, extrusion, rolling, cooking and oil pressing. Equipped with a complete set of pretreatment (or preloading) equipment, the production capacity is 10 ~ 12000 tons / day.

Oilseed → cleaning → removing stone → magnetic separation → cracking → softening → peeling → cooking → going to the oil press / extraction workshop.

a.Cleaning device: remove all kinds of impurities in oil seeds, such as iron, stone, lumps (such as plant leaves), until the impurity content does not exceed 0.2%.

b.Grinder: crush oil seeds into 6-8 pieces. In order to meet the requirements of crushing, peanuts are suitable for crushing with moisture content of 7% to 12%.

c. Softening process: the purpose of softening is to adjust the moisture and temperature of oil and make it soft.

d.Spalling process: the raw material is rolled into thin sheets to increase the surface area, destroy the cell structure and shorten the way of oil precipitation from the cake.

e.Cooking process: steam is directly injected into the cooking process to meet the requirements of the oil press.

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