Peanut oil project

Release time: 2021-04-21

Peanut oil project, there are four main processes: peanut seed cleaning, shelling, cooking and oil extraction. The purpose of cleaning, shelling and cooking is to promote the extraction of oil and improve the yield and quality of oil.


Production technology of peanut oil project:

1.Storage: generally, there is not much investment in seed storage in small peanut oil factories. However, for large-scale peanut processing plants, in order to avoid mildew, it is recommended to use thermal insulation warehouse with mechanical ventilation equipment.

2. Cleaning supplies: peanuts entering oil plants will inevitably carry some impurities, such as stems, leaves, soil, grass seeds, etc. These impurities will not only affect the quality of oil and cake, but also absorb part of the oil and reduce the output of oil. Moreover, if there are sand, stone, metal, hemp rope and so on in the peanut, it will lead to the wear of peanut oil press parts, and even lead to production accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth production of peanut oil, impurities must be removed as far as possible. There are many cleaning methods, which can be used according to impurities.

3.Drying: if the moisture content of peanut is very high, it must be dried to facilitate the shelling process.

4.Shelling Technology: the next step of peanut oil extraction is shelling. The shelling process can be completed manually, or the peanut sheller can be used to reduce manpower and shorten the production time. The purpose of shelling before oil pressing is to reduce the oil absorption of shell, improve the oil yield, improve the processing capacity of peanut oil processing machine, and reduce the wear of equipment. It can also improve the quality and added value of the cake.

5.Cooking: cooking is one of the most important steps in the production of peanut oil. Cooking is a symbolic process of hot pressing technology, while cold pressing means extracting oil without cooking.

6. Screw pressing: it is the most commonly used oil extraction technology for peanut. The production process of screw press keeps the original flavor of peanut. The peanut oil is a kind of pure natural green food with mellow aroma, rich nutrients, long shelf life, no additives, solvent residues and soap content. In addition, the value of peanut cake is also very high. Peanut shell or oil cake is an important raw material for poultry feed factory and cattle feed factory.

Advantages of peanut oil project:

1. High oil production and obvious economic benefits.

2. The rate of residual oil in dry powder is low.

3. Improve the quality of cooking oil.

4. Low processing cost and high labor productivity.

5. High automation and labor saving.

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